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Welcome to #TeamLaunchpad, Jack!

We are thrilled to be entering a new chapter in the Skills Launchpad journey as we turn our focus on Plymouth's sector skills gaps. Our first new team member to join us on this journey is Jack, who is one of two Health and Care Coordinators joining the team.

Working with DWP and PCC Commissioners, the Health and Care Coordinators will be focused on recruitment and retention for domiciliary care, care homes and supported living providers in the city. The work will complement the support already being given to anyone aged 16+ via our Youth, Adult and Community Coordinators, but with a sectoral focus within Plymouth's new Health and Care Skills Partnership.

Engaging with both local people and employers, Jack will be key to growing the health and care workforce, inspiring and motivating local people to choose a career within the sector, and encouraging those with existing health and care experience to upskill and progress within their roles.

For the last four years, Jack has been working in post 16 education, involved in the teaching, learning and assessment of learners studying health and social care. In this position, he also gained lots of experience supporting the recruitment, retention and marketing strategies within the organisation.

Passionate about ensuring individuals are fully equipped with the skills and knowledge to prepare them for the sector and the challenges within it, in addition to his work within education, Jack has also worked in a range of health and care settings in Plymouth, ranging from maternity to dementia care.

We are delighted to welcome Jack to our team and are excited for him to share his wealth of knowledge and experiences with Skills Launchpad Plymouth members.


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