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World of Skills

Getting the right skills to launch your future  

As our industry sectors and Plymouth employers continue to work hard to recover from the economic shock of Covid-19, and the massive planned investment in the city takes effect, we need to make sure the people of Plymouth have the right skills to fill the job opportunities both now and in the future. 

This is where Skills Launchpad Plymouth comes in and through the Adult Hub service we want to support you on your next steps to make sure you are part of that amazing pool of talented local people, ready and equipped with the right skills to find the best employment opportunities for you. We can help you make informed choices that will get you job-ready and confident in your ability to work.

What do we mean by skills?

A skill is the ability to perform an action with determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both. Skills can often be divided into general / transferrable skills and job specific skills.

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Carpenter's Tools
So you may think you’re not skilled? Think again

Even if you don’t have any paper qualifications, the ‘school of life’ has given you a wealth of transferable skills. From previous job roles and work experience, volunteering to help with local community and school groups, managing your own demanding family life, you’ve been busy building up your skills portfolio across the years.

Perhaps you’ve become a little rusty and could benefit from some specific refresher course help with maths and English, or help with computer know-how to improve your digital skills. You may not have looked at your CV or searched for jobs for many years, don’t worry we can help you find your way through so that you can become as work ready as possible.  


Starting to get the picture? Having the right skills certainly helps you move forward and improves your employment prospects….

So, what’s next?

We recognise every skills journey is going to be different – some of you may be happier to self-help from our Skills Launchpad Resources Bank and others may want more individual support.  

Your future is in your hands.
Use Skills Launchpad Plymouth to take your next steps and remember, you are not alone, help is available. It’s up to you – what do you want to do? 
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