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2020 will long be remembered as the year that the Covid-19 pandemic hit the world, hard.

The effects of the pandemic will remain with us for some time to come. It’s changed the way we live from the ways that we socialise through to travel and how we work. It's challenged our physical and mental health well-being, and worryingly, has impacted on people’s income and future employment prospects.

Many people have already experienced redundancy, whilst others are uncertain about their current work situation. For those just starting out in the world of work such as our school and college leavers, it’s a daunting time as their plans and aspirations face uncertainty. 

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Investing in our people through skills

Our city has always been forward-looking and plans are underway to support Plymouth businesses, our communities and its people to get back on their feet by investing in skills following the devastating impact of Covid-19.


We will do this by fully understanding the skills needed by our local employers both today and in the future, and help our local people to become better informed and equipped about these opportunities, able to access the right skills to help move forward into meaningful employment and achieve positive skills outcomes. 

Our Partners

Led by Plymouth City Council, in partnership with the Department for Work and Pensions and city wide skills training and advice partners, we are seeking to join up the right skills and training offer at a local level so that Plymouth people can easily access support to improve their employment prospects.  


Skills Launchpad Plymouth complements the Heart of the South West Skills Launchpad which aims to improve the employment, training and careers opportunities for all in Devon, Plymouth, Somerset and Torbay.
See the training resources and the Virtual Careers Fair here.

With thanks to all our partners for helping us create and deliver Skills Launchpad Plymouth.

Meet the Team


Skills Lead


Emma joined the Skills Team in October 2015 and established the award winning, Council led Building Plymouth Skills Partnership working with the local construction and built environment sector. When the global pandemic struck in 2020, Emma also took on leadership for the Resurgam: Skills4Plymouth strategic pillar and became the Skills Lead for Plymouth City Council. As part of the city’s Resurgam response, Emma created the vision, and through working in successful partnership, delivered Skills Launchpad Plymouth – the city’s one-stop-shop for skills, training, education, careers and jobs.  


With over 16 years’ experience previously working in higher education leading business engagement, marketing and communications, student recruitment and coordinating knowledge transfer programmes with the local business community, Emma is passionate about helping local people and employers, finding innovative Skills solutions and creating opportunities for collaborative working to deliver maximum impact and lasting legacy.

Emma is a proud Plymouthian who wants to make a difference and as a committed volunteer, led The Road to Mayflower project to improve the city’s visitor arrival experience for the Mayflower400 commemoration.  


​Email: emma.hewitt@plymouth.gov.uk

LinkedIn: Emma Hewitt | LinkedIn

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