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Getting the right skills to launch your future  

You may not realise it but you already have more skills than you think.


At the beginning of our working lives we all need to learn how to do lots of new things as we train and build our knowledge alongside gaining formal qualifications.

Throughout life especially as we move between different jobs and multiple careers, we will need lots of new skills to help us continue to progress.

This is where Skills Launchpad Plymouth comes in and through the Youth Hub service we'll support you with your next steps.

If you’re a school leaver who’s perhaps never worked or a college or university leaver with limited work experience, we can help you promote the skills you already have and help identify your next steps.

By increasing your skills, you will be well placed to launch your future in Plymouth.

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What do we mean by skills? 

A skill is the ability to perform an action with determined results often within a given amount of time, energy, or both. Skills can often be divided into general/ transferrable skills and job specific skills.


Does that help? You may already have transferable skills that employers value without realising it

  • Captained a sports team – that’s leadership skills and teamwork skills

  • Had a Saturday job, paper round or duty at school? That could be customer service skills, organisational skills, communication skills, budgetary skills, team skills…

  • Maybe during lockdown you helped your family and the local community 

Starting to get the picture? Having the right skills certainly helps you move forward and improves your employment prospects

So, what’s next?

We recognise every skills journey is going to be different – some of you may be happier to self-help from our Skills Launchpad Resources Bank and others may want more individual support.  

  • Careers Advice

    We can direct you to FREE careers information, advice and guidance to help you plan your next steps.


    We can help inform your decision to choose the right pathway forward (such as further study, access to apprenticeships, traineeships or finding a job) including creating your own careers and skills action plan which will put you firmly on track to achieve your future goals.

  • Job Opportunities

    Check out the facts about the current and future employment picture of Plymouth.


    Find out where the job opportunities are today, and where the jobs will be in Plymouth's future.

  • Resources

    Access a range of resources and tools to help you:

    • Make decisions about education and further study options;

    • Find out about Apprenticeships and Traineeships;

    • Learn about opportunities for training;

    • Gain work experience or undertake volunteering;

    • Assist with job searching; 

    • Support for setting up your own business

  • Make sure you’re ready to get back out there

    If you’re feeling anxious, confused, lost, overwhelmed that’s ok, you are not alone. 
    We recognise that before you can move forward, you need to make sure your head is in the right place. 

    You are not alone, take the next steps here to find the help you may need.

Your future is in your hands.

Use Skills Launchpad Plymouth to take your next steps and remember, you are not alone, help is available. It’s up to you – what do you want to do? 
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