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An overview of Plymouth's key sectors


Plymouth has a lot to be proud of, including the largest naval base in western Europe, the UK’s first National Marine Park, the largest manufacturing sector in southern England, a growing health sector (including being home to one of only 16 critical care teaching hospitals in the UK), and internationally significant expertise in marine autonomy and immersive digital. With the economy now moving towards net zero and capitalising on the green industrial revolution, there are so many exciting career opportunities to explore! 



On this page you’ll find the latest picture of Plymouth’s growing and emerging sectors of work. This should help guide you in your job hunting efforts or in choosing the best subjects for further study or re-training, so that you gain relevant qualifications and get the best possible start for your career.

You can find help to access all these local opportunities including finding jobs and apprenticeships, training and further study options through accessing our handy Resources Banks. Just click on either the Youth Hub or Adult Hub button at the end of this section

Health and Social Care, and Health Technologies 

Plymouth has a growing medical and health and social care industry that makes up nearly 17% of all employment in the city.


With one of largest teaching hospital trusts in the South West and a number of growing, highly innovative and creative businesses specialising in cutting edge health technology.  


As the sector boasts so many career pathways, Caring Plymouth is working together to promote opportunities in the sector and together can help you to find where you could make a real difference in your local community. Click the link to find out more about the roles needed now and in the future to support a wide range of individuals to live independently, safe and well.

Take a look at the Invest Plymouth website here for more sector news and fact sheets.

Health and Care.JPG
Construction and the Built Environment 

There's more than meets the eye when it comes to this key growth sector - it currently employs around 9% of Plymouth’s workforce, with over 180 different job roles available!


The city is facing its biggest capital spend investment in 25 years which means lots of jobs, apprenticeships and training options for those interested in the chance to design, engineer and build Plymouth.


With over 60 member organisations working together to promote careers in this industry, Building Plymouth can help you to find your best way.

Engineering and manufacturing image.jpg
Manufacturing and Engineering

We are proud to be home to impressive manufacturing names, including some globally recognised companies, providing just over 13% of Plymouth’s jobs!

Plymouth Manufacturing Group (PMG), brings together more than 50 Plymouth-based companies to share their experience and encourages the development of the industry.

Take a look at the Invest Plymouth website here for more sector news and fact sheets.

Green Economy

In Plymouth, green skills aren't just limited to a single industry, they exist in every sector. They offer exciting career prospects whilst contributing to a sustainable future.


Green skills are the skills that we need to make sure our economy works with and supports our natural world.


Key roles include: 
•    Retrofit Assessor
•    Electric Vehicle Charging Electrician
•    Solar Panel Technician 
•    Sustainability Manager
•    Landscaper. 


Key skills for working in the green economy include: 
•    adaptability 
•    problem solving
•    attention to detail
•    passion
•    technical expertise.


To find out more about the exciting green economy, click here. You can also take a look at the Invest Plymouth website here for information on the fast developing Floating Offshore Wind industry.

Sustainable Energy
Education and Childcare

In Plymouth, there are more than 120 educational establishments offering multiple roles to inspire both children and young adults.


Whether you see yourself as a Teacher, Teaching Assistant, SEND Support Worker, Early Years Tutor or a Nursery Practitioner, if your skill set includes being responsible, passionate, organised, kind and positive, there are lots of opportunities you could access!

Digital image.jpg
Creative and Digital Industries

Plymouth is home to a diverse creative industries sector, which includes creative and digital media, audio-visual, design TV and film production, visual arts, music technology and games development. 


The digital industry is also dynamic and includes roles in advertising, design, digital and ICT music publishing, software development, computer games, electronic publishing, video, film, photography, visual and performing - but we know cyber security, automation, health tech and AI are also key areas of growth and opportunity.

These industries are great for creatives who can think outside the box, those who can problem solve, have great attention to detail, curiosity, and/or technical ability.

The Invest Plymouth website has more sector news and fact sheets to explore. Click here for creative industries and click here for digital

Business Services

Plymouth has a wide business sector offering financial and professional services. This can include law firms, accountants, management, recruitment, and communications.


Key roles include:

  • Paralegal

  • Admin Support

  • Receptionist

  • Marketer

  • Office Manager.


Key skills for this sector include:

  • communication

  • problem solving

  • time management

  • planning

  • innovation.


Take a look at the Invest Plymouth website here for further information.

Helicopter Rescue
Public Services

Public services are government-offered services that help all members of the community, so Plymouth as a military city with a major naval base has lots of opportunities.


Key roles exist at progressive levels within the uniformed services - Army, Navy, RAF, Police, Fire, Coastguard, Ambulance and Prison Services.


Non-uniformed services in the community include roles in local government, probation, social services. Opportunities could include roles such as Child Protection Officer, Civil Service Manager, Criminologist, Housing Policy Officer, and Registrar of Births, Deaths, Marriages and Civil Partnerships.

Tourism, Hospitality and Retail

In Plymouth, the visitor economy employs just under 8% of people in the city, supporting 7,500 jobs. With more than 50 accommodation providers including hotels and independents, lots of restaurants, pubs and cafes, shops, cinemas and leisure companies, and a variety of job roles within each one, there is lots to choose from.


Working together to promote careers in this industry, Destination Plymouth can help you to find your best way.

Transferable skills including great communication, flexibility, good time management, conflict resolution and problem-solving go a long way in this people driven sector.

Take a look at the Invest Plymouth website here for more sector news and fact sheets.

Plymouth Aerial (2).jpg
Marine and Defence

Did you know that Plymouth is known worldwide for its marine and defence expertise?


Over 300 marine-related businesses are operating in the city. The work ranges from world-leading research, design and build, innovation and cutting-edge technology.

Plymouth is home to both the UK’s first National Marine Park and to Devonport Royal Dockyard, the largest naval base in Western Europe, which is the sole nuclear repair and refuelling facility for the Royal Navy accounting for over 11% of employment in the city.

The Invest Plymouth website has more sector news and fact sheets to explore. Click here for marine and click here for defence

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