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Welcome to the Adult Hub

Plymouth needs you and your skills


Many skilled and qualified people are now facing employment challenges and uncertainty – maybe you have suddenly found yourself at risk of losing your income, facing the life changing reality of redundancy, or are on furlough leave worrying about what will happen next?


Perhaps this is the catalyst for you wanting to change careers and you’re wondering how to best take that forward?


Globally, nationally and locally here in Plymouth, the pandemic has already taken a huge toll.


Many of us are experiencing new difficulties of social isolation, fear, debt, increasing mental ill-health, job worries and concern over our young people’s education and family’s health – all heightened by a hugely uncertain future with no one knowing what challenges lie ahead especially for the increasing number of local job seekers navigating a tough jobs market.  

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Our Adult Hub, part of Skills Launchpad Plymouth, is here to help you to be better informed and equipped for your next steps


The people of Plymouth are certainly not alone in facing uncertain times ahead. Our city is already responding by investing in plans to protect and create jobs, and address the immediate threats to lives and livelihoods to ease these challenges. 

Plymouth is an amazing city to live, work, study and play, with career opportunities still possible with a broad range of business sectors and employers seeking the best skilled and motivated people to join their teams – both now and in the future as our local businesses work hard to recover from the economic fall-out of Covid-19. 

We want to help our people to gain the skills that they will need to meet the demand of our local employers and industry sectors. Through our Adult Hub we want to help you make an informed choice about your best possible next steps, share understanding about your transferable skills from life and work experiences, match you with opportunities, along with building your work ready skills. Ultimately helping you to best prepare for your new skills journey to improve your employment prospects.

What can the Adult Hub offer you?

Whatever your personal circumstances , whether you’ve been made redundant, on furlough worried about what might happen next or considering a changing career, and live in and around Plymouth we can offer you:

  • Support for managing change to help deal with the worries and crisis of uncertain employment prospects

  • Practical help with CV writing, interview practice and job searching

  • The facts about the current and future employment picture of Plymouth to inform your skills choices

  • Access to free one-stop impartial information, advice and guidance service to help your shape your careers and skills plan

  • Support to become work ready and equipped with the skills you'll need

  • Awareness of city-wide career events and opportunities to meet local recruiting employers


  • A chance to brush up on key skills to work such as Maths and English, and the all-important digital skills


  • Help to keep you informed and match you with real opportunities to work 

And if you feel you need to get your head in the right space before you’re ready to take those next important steps, you’ll find support for mental health and well-being too, to help give you the confidence and reassurance to get started.

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