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Green Economy

Championing greener horizons

Here at Skills Launchpad Plymouth, we are working in partnership to connect local people with opportunities for skills, training, education, careers and jobs in the green economy.

Are you:

  • interested in working towards a sustainable future?

  • able to use your creativity to solve complex problems? 

  • excited by cutting-edge technology?

  • resourceful and eco-friendly?


Whether you love nature, hands-on work, planning or problem solving, there are green opportunities across all sectors!  A green career can be any job, role or occupation that contributes to preserving or restoring the environment and our planet. 

Interested in finding where you fit in? Scroll down to check out the guides below.

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Working together to achieve net zero

Net zero means no longer adding to the total amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


We currently find ourselves in a green revolution as the need for energy efficiency and sustainability becomes ever more urgent.


In Plymouth we are achieving this by focusing on our four priority areas: transport, buildings, heat and power, consumption and, waste and behaviour change.


So how can we achieve a green economy where economic growth is balanced with environmental health and community wellbeing?

1. Sustainable growth - managing resources responsibly so they last for future generations.

2. Green skills - providing people with the abilities and knowledge to create action that will address environmental problems.

3. Green jobs - jobs created to help the environment, focusing on projects and tasks.

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