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We love the Youth Hub!

Don't just hear it from us! Here's what a number of young people have been saying about the help they've received from Jo at the Youth Hub:

"The Youth Hub has been really beneficial, I've had help to get my maths qualification training lined up which will increase my future prospects."

"The Youth Hub helped me to get a job, I would would definitely recommended them."

"The Youth Hub has helped me get into secure work which I am happy in."

"The Youth Hub has been helping me lots. Jo has been helping with finding a course, housing and more."

"It has helped me in every way possible."

"Opening a lot of options, variety and support in what I'm looking to do"

"...helped me get the job that I have at the moment and helped me build my confidence."

Here's how our young people describe us in one word! Aged 16-24 and think we can help you? Sign up today!


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