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NCW2024 – Green Economy

This week in celebration of National Careers Week 2024 we are showcasing some of Plymouth’s key sectors, and today we focus on the exciting career prospects within the green economy.

In Plymouth, green skills aren't just limited to a single industry, they exist in every sector, offering exciting career prospects whilst contributing to a sustainable future. Green skills are the skills that we need to make sure our economy works with and supports our natural world.

Key roles in this area could include:

  • Retrofit Assessor

  • Electric Vehicle Charging Electrician

  • Solar Panel Technician

  • Sustainability Manager

  • Landscaper

Key skills you may have or need to develop to thrive in this area:

  • adaptability

  • problem solving

  • attention to detail

  • passion

  • technical expertise.

To find out more about where you fit in this exciting green world, why not take our Green Skills quiz.

Interested in elevating your experience in the green industries?

We're hosting a specialised health and safety course, tailored for those aspiring to make an impact within green industries. This exciting opportunity will explore a practical application of your knowledge at Fugro, a leader in the ROV industry.

Learn the core of health and safety with a green twist with On Course South West in preparation for a meaningful impact in environmental industries. From sustainable practices to legal compliance, this one-day course has you covered!

Then, take your knowledge to the ocean with a site visit to Fugro, where you'll see how Health and Safety principles are vital in the advanced ROV industry. 🚢🤖

If you're 19+ and eager to start or shift your career towards sustainability, this course is your gateway to making a difference. Email to book.


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