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Interested in making a difference? Join Social Work Week 2023.

Social Work week is for anyone interested in Social Work in England, including the following;

· social workers, including those practising and those looking to return to the profession 

· people with lived experience of social work

· social work students

· employers of social workers

· social work educators

· organisations with an interest in or influence on social work

Social Work Week is a varied programme, with events taking place at different times of the day, so people can take part when it suits them best.

When: Monday 20 March- Friday 24 March 2023

Key themes

· Learn: the breadth of social work: lived, learned and professional experiences 

· Connect: social work identity and sharing best practice

· Influence: looking back at the past 3 years, and looking forward to what’s next for social work in England 


· enable people to participate in and influence a nationwide conversation on social work in England and the future of the profession

· co-produce the week with those with lived and learned experience, as well as sector partners. This will ensure that the programme reflects the diversity of social work and maintains the voice of people with lived experience at the centre

· embed ownership of the week across the sector increasing the number, and widening the diversity, of people attending events and activities across the week

Across the week, there will be some great sessions, with something for everyone. If social work is something of interest to you, or you are already a social worker, then this week is the perfect chance to learn, connect and influence change.

If you would like to book for a headline session, click here. Alternatively, if you are more interested in sector led sessions, please click here.


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