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HGV workshop - is this your new career?

Are you currently looking for training or work opportunities to start a new career in Transport and Logistics?

Join this workshop: How To Get Into The Transport and Logistics Sector

Date and time: Wed, 27 October 2021; 12:00 – 13:30

Location: Online event

Book tickets HERE!

Join our workshop to find out about:

  • The sector and the type of jobs within it

  • Identify the skills required to work in the transport and logistics sector

  • Understand the training and qualifications available and how to apply

  • Understand the importance of tailoring a CV to the sector

  • Feel more confident at promoting your own skills and experiences to potential employers

  • Gain an understanding of the job opportunities in the local area

  • Discussing any myths around the transport and logistics sector

  • Understand the salaries likely to be paid in transport and logistics, including new incentives being paid by employers

Book tickets HERE!


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