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Greenlight your future!

Not sure if an apprenticeship is for you? Do you even know what it is? That's okay!

An apprenticeship is a chance to get paid to train and learn. You'll work within industry while also studying to upskill yourself. there are so many industries offering apprenticeships, it really might just be what you need to take the next step for your career.

Come along to Greenlight's Apprenticeship Open Day for a chat!

When: Saturday 14th August, 9am - 1pm

Where: Elburton Villa Football Club, PL9 8HS

What: Apprenticeship Open Day.

You can:

- apply for apprenticeships

- chat to apprentices

- meet employers

- try your hand at a trade

- interactive trade tasters

- make connections

Scan the QR code for a ticket or head to


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