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Free Welfare packs from Young Devon

All year round, the wonderful team at Young Devon will be giving out FREE welfare packs for those in need, including vulnerable young people who are at risk of food poverty, from their office in Mutley Plain. If you can't get to Mutley, they are also happy to arrange for the package to be delivered to you. All they ask for in return is completion of a simple form so they can provide feedback and evidence of the need to those funding the scheme.

Before Christmas, Young Devon received funding through the Plymouth Local Authority to provide support to vulnerable households most in need this winter. These welfare packs also supported young people who were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

What's in the pack? Lots of items Welfare packs include easy to heat food, sanitary products, warm socks, chocolate/snacks, tea/coffee and warm blankets. They also include face masks and hand sanitizer for young people who may need these and anxiety blankets for those who suffer from mental health.

Please do help us and Young Devon to spread the word of this scheme. It could really improve someone's life.


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