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Finding Plymouth's warm spaces and food banks

With more and more people now turning to community ‘warm spaces’ due to rising energy costs, or to local food banks with the price of food increasing, we wanted to share with you the support on offer for local people here in Plymouth.

Plymouth City Council has put together a map of warm spaces that are available to access across the city, so if you are looking for a warm, safe space to spend time in as the weather gets colder, many of the organisations, charities and libraries in Plymouth will be happy to welcome you in.

All of the spaces will have a place to sit comfortably. Many of them also offer free Wi-Fi, including Plymouth's libraries.

Local foodbank support

YMCA Plymouth's bistro will be an official warm and welcoming space open to anyone in the evenings, offering free food, drink and amenities. On a Friday, anyone is welcome to come along between 5.30 - 7.30pm. The space will be staffed by the friendly Bill's Boys Bistro team. You can expect;

  • Free Soup

  • Free Hot Drinks

  • TV

  • Free WiFi access

  • Board Games & Card Games

  • Pool Table

This great space will be available throughout winter, from 8 December - 29 March 2024.

To access, simply check in at the YMCA reception desk.

The Plymouth Food Aid Network also has a regularly-updated map of local foodbanks. Alternatively, the Trussell Trust’s Find a Food Banktool is another option for searching.

The Oasis Project has been offering a warm space to people since 2005. They also work in association with Plymouth Foodbank to support local people. Plymouth Foodbank sends out thousands of assistance packages annually. Aswell as providing emergency food and essential items during tough times, the organisation also offers valuable resources like budget guidance, financial advice, computer skills training, reading and maths lessons, art therapy sessions, and cooking workshops

Do share this information widely to support others to stay safe, well and warm this winter.


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