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Build YOUR Future in Construction

Thinking of a career in Construction? Aged 16 - 24 and not sure about your future?

ATTENTION! SITE TOUR! Join us for a site tour in North Prospect to learn more about careers in Construction and find out how we can help you along your journey to your dream career.

Added perk? Hard hats, safety boots and hi-vests will be provided on the day.

What is construction?

Put simply, whenever something is being built, we say it is ‘under construction’, so it’s the action of building something.

What are the types of construction?

There’s more than one type of construction, usually defined by the type of building that will be the finished article, or the size of the project. Each type of construction plays a vital part in shaping the industry.

When: 27 July 2021

Where: Meet outside Beacon Community Hub

Sound right for you? Book your space now by emailing by July 21st 2021.


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