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Are you a young person with experience of the care system? Are you interested in Lifelong Links?

Are you under 25 with experience of the care system? Are you looking to reconnect with people from your past, and people that care about you?

Lifelong Links does just that. It helps find and bring together people who care about you. This can be people you know well, people you have not seen for a while (like a former teacher or foster carer) and even family who you may not have met yet.

A worker from the Lifelong Links team will meet with you and get to know you. They will ask you who you would like to get in touch with and who from your past was important to you. Your coordinator will then use a variety of searching techniques to try and find them.

Care Journeys are pleased to share that they are currently offering counselling sessions alongside the Lifelong Links journey.

Each Lifelong Links experience will be unique to the individual, and the counsellors will be there throughout to support you. There is the opportunity to have up to 8 sessions, and you will be able to start them at any point during your own Lifelong Links journey. All counsellors will be qualified professionals.

This is a brilliant chance to find people that mean something to you, and have the guidance and support from a professional, while you navigate your way through the process.

To find out more, please call Care Journeys on 01752 220012, or click here


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