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Aged 16-25? Get Started in Sports with The Princes Trust

The Princes Trust are running a fantastic “Get Started in Sports” programme for anyone aged 16-25, who has an interest in sports and the football industry.

The Prince's Trust are a charity that work with 11 to 30 year olds, helping them find the confidence they need to try free courses and start careers. To date, they have helped over one million young people, and they continue to do so!

They can help with confidence building, gaining new skills, finding employment and starting your own business.

During the programme you will:

Learn about personal fitness and sports coaching

Explore different roles within the football industry

Take part in first aid and healthy eating workshops

Be provided with a buss pass and lunch

This programme is perfect if you want to grow and develop skills and confidence, discover new talents, or just work out if sport is the career for you.

Taster Day: Friday 21 June

When: 24-28 June

This brilliant opportunity is FREE! Everyone has to start somewhere. This could be your beginning!

Scan the QR code below for further programme information. To learn more about The Princes Trust, click here


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