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World Autism Acceptance Week

Did you know it’s World Autism Acceptance week from Monday 28 March - Sunday 3 April?

Plymouth Autism Spectrum Service (aka P.A.S.S.) has been developed to provide a dedicated and specialist service for adults with autism, their families, health and social care services and to collaborate with community organisations within the city.

As part of World Autism Acceptance week, the team is holding a “Get to know P.A.S.S.” virtual session via Teams. You can just drop into the online space at a time to suit you between 2pm and 4pm on Tuesday 29 March and one of the PASS team can talk to you about what they do and offer signposting and advice if you want it!

This virtual session is for staff/professionals working for Livewell and other organisations interested in knowing more about what we do, to then support and inform the autistic adults you work with.

Here’s the Teams link to Get to know P.A.S.S.!

If you are not able to attend or just want to learn more about P.A.S.S. please check out the website


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