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'Reserve a place' with City College Plymouth

At City College Plymouth, we acknowledge how tough the past 12 months have been for youngsters in particular. Not only have they had to adapt to drastic changes that have overhauled everything they know, many are left feeling uncertain of their future, whether that is because of uncertainty surrounding exam results or concerns for the economy.

As children across the country return to school, the College hopes to make the next few months a little easier for all those moving on to their next chapter at the end of this year. Remove the hassle and worry of applying to study at City College by letting the College Information team do the work for you. Simply text Apply to 66777 and someone at the College will contact you to arrange a time to complete an application form on your behalf. There is no need to fret over your grades: whatever you get this year, there is a place for you from September on one of hundreds of industry-focused courses offered at this friendly and welcoming college.

For more information, visit and view the flyer below.


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