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Military Month case study: Chris

Chris, 35, is an armed forces veteran who had been working with one of our delivery partners the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity (RNRM) with their transition team who work closely with those who are particularly vulnerable.

Chris had been suffering with various aspects of his life including mental health and finding it difficult to find work, but also found that living remotely in Cornwall meant it was proving difficult for the type of work he was looking for.

With lots of transferable skills from his military service and having previously worked within management and leadership roles, Chris had lots of potential. He also had a keen interest in working within the mining and aggregate industries and so following a meeting between our Adult Hub Coordinator and Southwest Aggregates, there seemed to be a great fit.

Southwest Aggregates advised that they actively recruited ex service personnel, and so our Adult Hub Coordinator linked in with Paul Gray, Chris’s case worker at the RNRM and told him about the opportunities with Aggregates and how they were recruiting in Cornwall. Paul spoke with Chris and together we were able to organise introductions between aggregates and Chris. From this point things started moving quickly and Chris was invited for an interview and is now employed as a plant operative for the company.

Working together with the RNRN organisation, the employer, and Chris has enabled him to move into employment, within an area in which he feels confident and supported and one where we hope he will now thrive.

If you are a veteran, serving member of HM Forces or part of the military community in any way, there are some fantastic organisations in Plymouth available to offer free support. Find out more, in our resource bank here.


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