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It’s GCSE results day! How are you feeling?

Parents, carers and young people alike have all been waiting for today's GCSE results, and now here we are.

We just wanted to check in to say that whether you got the grades you expected or not, you have lots of options available to you and it's never too late to explore them. To help with this, we've pulled together lots of free resources in our Youth Hub resource bank.

If you did get the grades you wanted, congratulations! It’s time to relax and celebrate. Use this time to review your next steps and prepare for whatever comes next!

If you didn't quite reach your goals, don't panic, it's going to be ok. There are many study options available, including:

The video below explains all your options in more detail.

Looking after your mental health

If you didn’t get the grades you expected, it’s easy to feel disappointed. But it’s important to consider where you thrived and what you’ve learned for your experience. Remember, there are lots of options open to you but first things first, look after your mental health.

- Talk to someone you trust about your results

- Speak to your favourite teacher and see what they think about the results you received

- Keep things in perspective! Your results are not the be all and end all.

- Stay away from social media if your feeds are full of exam results chatter.

- Check out some resources where you could find others feeling the same:

Retakes and appeals

If you wish you retake an exam or appeal a grade, have a chat with your school and they will be able to discuss your options. English and maths GCSE resits usually take place in the autumn whereas the rest of subjects have exams in the next year during the usual period. For more information on appealing a grade, click here.

Need more support?

That is where we come in! The Youth Hub, part of Skills Launchpad Plymouth, is open to support young people, their parents and carers with impartial information, advice and guidance covering skills, training, education, careers and jobs.

To access this free help, you can browse online resources and/or sign-up for 1:1 support here.

Throughout August and September, the Youth Hub is also offering summer drop-in sessions every Wednesday and Thursday from 12pm to 3pm, on the first floor of Barclays in Plymouth city centre, no appointment needed.


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