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Engineering Construction Bootcamp

Engineering Construction Bootcamp Level 4 with South Devon College

This programme has been developed in partnership with Willmott Dixon, Midas, BAM Nutall, and Kier Construction, in a ‘modular’ style with key elements covering Renewable Energy Technology, Water Treatment, Digital Construction, Sustainability, and Commercial Management.

You will also be guaranteed an interview for an apprenticeship with an employer following the work experience.

What will I learn?


  • Understand the depth of requirements for sustainability by research and group debate

  • Understand the main sustainable focus by legislation that concerns the UK construction industry

  • Recognise our Employers sustainability responsibility in the workplace

Digital Construction

  • Timeline to 2021 and beyond

    • Development

    • Case Studies

    • Gaps = Opportunities

Renewable Energy Technology

  • Demonstrate knowledge of sustainable and renewable energy technologies

  • Critically evaluate government policy legislation in relation to sustainable development

  • Solve technical, economic, legal and organisational problems in the context of environmentally sustainable construction projects

Water Treatment

  • Explain the engineering principles behind methods of water acquisition and treatment for potable supply

  • Define the principles behind water and wastewater treatment processes

Commercial Management

  • Determine the principles of commercial management as applied to the construction and built environment sector

  • Critically assess the role, obligations and responsibilities of the employer, employee, and the contractor under commercial contracts

  • Develop an understanding of the factors that affect the choice of commercial methods and contractual arrangements

Work experience with one of the 4 Tier 1 construction companies

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