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Education and Teaching Assistant opportunities for claimants

Are you currently claiming benefits and looking for an opportunity in the education sector? Look no further!

The Job Centre team have teamed up with Aspire Education Academy to deliver a sector-based work academy that's perfect for anyone looking to join the education sector, particularly those seeking opportunities in roles including:

• Teaching Assistant

• Playground / Midday / Lunch Supervisor

• Examinations Invigilator

• Teaching Assistant

• Cover Support Role

• Behaviour Support Role

• Learning Mentor

• Careers Advisor

• Office Administration

• Physical Education Assistant

In addition to gaining numerous qualifications and transferable skills during this course, it will also offer the opportunity to hear from local employers and take part in an interview for roles within the educational sector.

Who can take part?

To take part in this course you:

  • must be aged 19+

  • if aged 19 to 23 you need a minimum of 5 GCSEs C/4 grade and/or any recognised Level 2 qualification to be eligible for funding.

  • must have been in the UK for a minimum of three years. (Right to remain/passport/British residency documents will be asked for at sign up.

  • demonstrate a Level 2 standard of English reading and writing through an assessment on the sign-up day.

  • must be available to attend all 15 days – unless prearranged with Dave from Aspire at sign up date (discretional)

  • must be in receipt of UC, JSA, ESA or Income Support

  • should not earn more than £17,000 per year (if employed) and be available for the full 15 days.

Even if you aren't directly interested in the education sector, the skills and qualifications you will gain on this course (e.g. safeguarding) would also be beneficial/transferrable to other sectors such as customer service, hospitality, warehouse, sports and leisure or health care so anyone who is looking to update their qualifications is also welcome to attend.

Cost, funding and travel

This is a free course. Any travel expenses are reimbursed by Aspire (apart from taxis) for the enrolment day.

How to sign up

To get involved, contact your Work Coach to arrange an appointment with Dave from Aspire Training at Old Tree Court JobCentre on Friday 6 May or book on to the group information session on Friday 13 May at the Old Swathmore building in Mutley.

The course itself starts on Monday 16 May, running daily from 9.30am-3.30pm, for three weeks.

Please note: those with school run responsibilities may be able to arrange earlier leaving times when signing up if this supports you to attend the training.

If you have any questions, please contact Dave at Aspire by calling 07748 083521 or via email at


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