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Don't miss these opportunities with On Course South West

The team at On Course South West have a range of courses coming up for anyone aged 19+:

When: Starting 18 May - six sessions over six weeks

What: The aim of the Digital Skills Intermediate course is to better prepare all learners for the digital world. It is the next step from the Digital Skills Beginner's course and for all learners who wish to progress and continue their study. This course will run over six sessions, each session will focus on a specific key area of digital skills, to include: How to use digital devices from mobile phones, tablets/ iPad, desktop PC (Personal Computer) and other devices used within the digital industries in 2022. You will explore Microsoft 365, and it's various office functions including the software, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and MS Outlook (email software).

Cost: Free

When: from 19 May or 9 June - 10 sessions over 10 weeks

What: These qualifications are based on the national standards designed by the government to support adults who want to join the digital world by learning digital skills for life, their work or for use in further study.

Cost: Free

Money Saving Ideas When: from 7 June - four sessions over four weeks What: The cost of everyday living is going up and up, in this course you will be given tips and advice of how to save/budget for everyday living within your home.

Cost: Free

Carpentry Beginners When: from 7 June - four sessions over four weeks What: During this creative craft course, you will learn how to use a range of carpentry tools and safe working practices within the workshop. You will be supported to design, create and complete a basic carpentry project, under the direction of your tutor.

Cost: £17

For information, contact our Youth Hub Coordinator by signing up as a member or texting 07876396982.

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