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Case study: Sarah

When Sarah, 51, first signed up to Skills Launchpad Plymouth she was at a transitional point in her career. Meeting with James, our Community Coordinator, and completing a skills action plan with him, opened up a series of ideas that she hadn’t yet considered. Here’s what Sarah shared:

“I am incredibly grateful for the support and direction that James offered me, at a much needed time. His advice helped get me to--quite literally--get back on track. I don't know what I would have done without his support.

“Whilst not all of James’s referral points worked out, some roles requiring a degree of knowledge I didn’t yet have, one recommendation to contact Shekinah led to me working for the charity, three days a week helping to set up The Learning Exchange - a role that brings together my knowledge of teaching and learning, project management, and fundraising etc.

“James also encouraged me to connect with Jenny at Outset. This is another connection which has proved hugely productive, and I am now about to launch my new business.

“Negotiating a career change is a major undertaking. I knew I had to make changes for my health and wellbeing but as I found out, there is not much support for someone with my level of experience, and applying for jobs and going through multiple interviews felt like firing arrows in the dark. James’s ability to listen and then apply where my skill set might be beneficial was immensely useful. James helped me to re-find my passion and mojo. I can’t thank him enough.”


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