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Case study: Mia

Like so many recent graduates, one of our Youth Hub members, Mia, 21, found herself unable to find work this summer due to the ongoing pandemic. She signed up to Skills Launchpad Plymouth and after an initial conversation with our Youth Hub Coordinator Jo, was supported with help from the National Careers Service to get herself back on the right path.

Mia said: "The support I received through Skills Launchpad Plymouth was really positive. I've had help to get my maths qualification training lined up which will increase my future prospects, brushed up my CV, gained confidence in my interview skills, and I’ve also now started a Kickstart placement with the Civil Service.”

“I’m feeling good about my next steps now, which is a real relief. Not securing a job after my degree really knocked my confidence, but I now feel like I am on the right path.”

“To describe the Youth Hub in three words, I’d say it’s encouraging, supportive and informative.”


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