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Case Study: Ashley

Ashley met with our Adult Hub Coordinator, seeking support with coming off benefits. He was also keen to get an administration role, with a customer service element.

Ashley had successfully completed an apprenticeship in administration and had worked as an Imports Assistant at The Range. He knew to get what he wanted he needed to improve his confidence, social skills and all round employability skills.

Our Coordinator referred Ashley to Plymouth Argyle’s SCORE programme, which he completed and really enjoyed.

This 18 day programme for 18-30 year olds is designed to empower, build resilience, confidence, motivation and self-esteem, in support of finding entry level roles.

He really enjoyed the fun and approachable tutor, the team building activities, and the trip to Dartmoor Zoo. The programme was perfect for what Ashley was looking for.

Following on from meeting with Skills Launchpad Plymouth, and attending the Argyle's SCORE programme, Ashley has been offered a finance administration role at Capita.

Here is what Ashley shared about his experience:

“It just feels good”


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