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Acting as training providers and now cheerleaders, Acacia Training and Development are so happy with this particular learners experience. Read more here:

Spotlight on... Dave Collier

"Dave is a support worker, employed by Premier Care in Plymouth, supporting individuals with learning needs.

Dave attended the Preparing to Work in Adult Social Care course at Acacia with the idea of wanting a driving job.

His previous employment varied from working as a scaffolder, maintaining boats abroad, and driving back in the UK for Amazon.

He came to the course with some background knowledge of care work as his wife and daughter work in the industry.

Dave actively engaged and interacted well with his peers on the course, participating in discussions on respect and dignity for individuals, the different roles available in care, British values and principles skills and attitudes required, and identified he had a lot of these skills and attitudes he could transfer from previous job roles, to a work role in care.

At the end of the care course at Acacia , all participants are offered an interview with an employer with vacancies.

Dave was successful with his interview at Premier Care, and loves his new job, supporting individuals.

His duties vary from: supporting personal care, to assisting preparing and cooking meals, outings and ensuring they are kept safe.

"It is such a rewarding job. You won’t appreciate how much you enjoy it , until you try it."

Dave is looking to further his career in the care sector, and has been put forward as a nominee of employee of the month!"


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