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Quell – Mental wellbeing support when you need it.

Quell is an organisation that provides free, safe and anonymous mental wellbeing support for adults across the UK.

Whether you are feeling sad, anxious or struggling with life, know that you are not alone. Visit Quell to get the support that you need.

With a team of UK based professionals on hand, you will be able to speak to someone freely and anonymously. Below are some of the support options on offer;

Online messaging The messaging feature allows you to reach out directly to a professional. They also use messages to connect with someone who may need additional support.

Booked and drop-in chat

The online chat functionality allows you to receive professional support through booked or drop-in sessions as and when you need it.

Therapeutic content

Quell have hundreds of pieces of therapeutic content created by an online community and professional content team.

Community support

Peer to peer forums are moderated to maximise safety and allow people to discuss issues together in a facilitated environment.

Personal development tools

Quell's suite of self help tools offer the ability to create journals, track your mood and set goals.

All safe and anonymous

Qwell is an anonymous site which helps people to feel safe and confident in exploring their concerns and seeking professional support.

To get started on finding the right support for you, sign up here;


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