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Plymouth Business School Internship for Employers

Do you have an idea that would help your business or organisation to move forward in the COVID-19 era, but lack the resources in-house to make it happen?

Our Virtual Internship Scheme will see current students and recent graduates from Plymouth Business School working on short term projects to benefit local businesses and organisations, whilst improving their own employability.

With many businesses and organisations moving to embrace new ways of working as a result of the ongoing situation presented by COVID-19, our internships offer a new and relevant platform through which our students are able to demonstrate and develop their capabilities, whilst providing much needed additional capacity to businesses and organisations operating across the region.

“Plymouth Business School is an enterprising environment, driving sustainable prosperity, enabling our students and partners to achieve their full potential.”

Interns working on projects will be paid at a standard rate of £13/hour, up to a maximum of 38 hours per project (£494), which will be funded by the Plymouth Business School and supported by iMayflower.

More information below.

PBS Virtual Internship Scheme August 2021 - Information for Businesses
Download PDF • 807KB


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