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FREE virtual learning with Clarion Futures

Clarion Futures focuses on funding community projects and helping people find jobs and training, develop digital skills, and manage their money.

They provide people with the tools and support they need, to help overcome challenges and fulfil their potential. 

Now more than ever, people are looking for flexibility in the way that they learn. Virtual learning just requires you to have access to the internet through a digital device like a laptop, tablet, or even some phones, so it is perfect for fitting around day-to-day commitments.

If you are feeling a bit rusty on learning, then Clarion Futures have a wide range of short courses, many of which are entry level and can be completed on your phone!

Not only do these courses provide a qualification but they are a great way to re-engage with learning. They are also fully funded! With everything from Customer Service to Safeguarding Children, there is plenty to choose from.

To view the current virtual learning brochure, please click here

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