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Colossal – Print Project – Call out for participants!

Sue Lewry is a Plymouth based print maker, who uses both digital and traditional methods to explore the form of printmaking. She is also the person behind “Colossal”, a mobile print and limited edition workshop, here in Plymouth.

Over the coming weeks, Colossal will be running a selection of FREE print workshops in the City Centre.

This is a brilliant opportunity for participants to put their thoughts and ideas onto paper. You will get to create your own print, have it exhibited, and take it home!

When: Wednesday 21 September : Thursday 22 September : Friday 23rd September

Where: Vacancy Atlas, 107 Cornwall Street, Plymouth, PL11PA

Time: 11.30pm-3pm

The way that Sue’s mobile print shop works, is that she makes screen-prints on a small scale printing unit. Described as colourful, playful and conversational, Sue intends to innovate and deliver a printmaking experience, reaching a wider audience, and involving communities. Her mobile print set up is small, but her reach and potential is huge!

These free workshops are for anyone over the age of 11, and a brilliant opportunity to learn from a practising printmaker, who has a passion for community!

The workshops are usually for groups of six, allowing participants to really have a true “hands on” learning experience.

To book your space, click here

If you would like to find out more, please contact Sue on 07971909352, or email


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