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Case study: Dan

“I was doing all the right things to try and get a job, but just couldn’t seem to get anywhere.”

Dan, 23, felt like he was going nowhere with his career. So when this Kickstart opportunity came along, he was more than excited to give it a go.

“I joined the Argyle Community Trust as a Media assistant/videographer back in May on a 6 month Kickstart.

My job mainly involves me producing all the Trust’s video content as well as managing a lot of their social media pages.

A lot of the videos I make involve going to projects and interviewing participants and the people running the projects to see the kind of impact the Trust is having on people’s lives.

I’ve also recently begun taking over the Plymouth Argyle Women’s media and running their social media accounts and doing videos for their new signings and interviewing the manager of the team.”

So are you enjoying your experience with Argyle Community Trust?

I’m absolutely loving it here. Everyone I’ve met has been really

friendly, I get on with everyone and it’s a really great group of people to be around.

Especially with all the lockdowns because of Covid, it’s been really great to just be around other people again. It’s a very social workplace to be and you’re able to have a chat with everyone, which is something I really missed when I was unemployed.

I think as well a lot of the work I’ve done has really gotten me out of my comfort zone. There’s a lot of things I’ve been doing that a year ago I would have been really nervous doing, but now it doesn’t really phase me and I’ve definitely built my confidence up through being here.

“…the skills and experiences I’ve got from working here will give me a much better opportunity at getting another job in the future”

Finally, can you describe your Kickstarter experience in three words?

“Life-changing, motivational, inspiring"

The Kickstart Scheme is a 6 month paid job with a local employer, funded by the Government. It provides a fully funded job opportunity for young people to gain experience

of working in some of Britain’s most exciting companies. Available to: People that are claiming Universal Credit, and are at risk of long-term unemployment. If you have a Work Coach talk to them about the Kickstart Scheme and find out whether it’s right for you. Age applicable: 16-24 How to apply: There are thousands of Kickstart Scheme jobs available right now. Talk to your Work Coach to find out about local Kickstart vacancies and how to apply.


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