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Advice on changing careers after 50

There’s a common misconception that you should start thinking about retirement after 50. However, for many people quite the opposite is true. Whether the lasting impacts of the pandemic have caused you to look at different options, you are facing redundancy, or you simply fancy a change, it’s never too late!

During conversations with some of our Adult Hub members, we’ve started to notice that for many, the idea of working in a different sector or job role once you hit your 50s is daunting, and some have even called it “crazy”. But, we’ve also met other members who felt excited by the idea of trying something new.

Jane, 52 said: “Initially the idea of redundancy was just dreadful, but when I reflected, I realised that I had been working for others my whole life and that redundancy offered me a chance to make a change.

“I need to work, both financially, but for my sanity too. I love social interaction and work has always given me a sense of purpose. I am looking forward to seeing what comes next.”

The pandemic has placed a huge focus on the importance of our health and wellbeing and forced us to look at our lives. More of us are now having longer working lives, and with a focus on lifestyle and prioritising what is truly important, there have never been more opportunities for those looking to change careers after 50.

Our Adult Hub is working in a city-wide partnership to connect adults in Plymouth with opportunities for skills, training, education, careers, and jobs. Whether you are ready to use your skills to assess, train or teach others; want to start your own business; or need to start slowly developing your confidence, your digital skills, brush up on your English and maths, or learn a new skill, we can help.

Take your first step and click here to sign up as a member of our Adult Hub. Our Coordinator will then get in touch to find out more about your situation and see how Skills Launchpad Plymouth can support you to move forward.


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