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Set up your own business

Ready to be your own boss? 


Changing the way we live and work during lockdown and Covid-19 has made many of us reflect on what we want from life and has created new opportunities to start a business. Whether you're looking at starting a new business here or relocating a current business, Plymouth will help you flourish. We are already home to many entrepreneurs including Chris Dawson who started in Plymouth as a market trader and now owns The Range chain which is the fastest growing retailer in the UK. 


If you think you have a great idea for a business and the skills and financial backing to support it but need some help with sorting out the backroom stuff like tax returns, business loans, insurance etc there is advice at hand. 

If you need guidance to turn your business idea into a reality, Skills Launchpad Plymouth can point you in the right direction. Start with a business plan, work out your start-up costs and how you will finance a business. 

Think carefully about your customers and how will you promote your business.  

This may feel overwhelming – but there is lots of support and help out there to help make your dreams a reality, with many purpose designed start up spaces to work from in Plymouth. 

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