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Support for Prison Leavers

Re-building pathways for ex-offenders

Leaving prison as a young person can be a difficult time, now more so than ever given the economic uncertainty created by the Covid-19 pandemic. We are here to help and there is a lot of local support available to help guide you positively rebuild your life and take your next steps. 

Committing to completing your community service is a great way to help you gain job references to get back into work and for adding to your CV the skills that you have gained. By fully engaging with your probation worker you will make quicker progress as they support you get back on your feet. If you receive benefits talk to your JCP Work Coach too – they know more than you think!


Find out more about Plymouth’s specific support for prison leavers below:

Understanding which convictions you need to tell your employer about

Depending on the type of job you are looking for will dictate which convictions you need to declare. You can check this out on:

Jobcentre Plus Plymouth

If you are a claimant, there are specialist Ex-Offender Work Coaches available who can offer you 1-2-1 support.

If you want to contact your nearest office, you can find their details using the local office search.

Work and health Programme and Individual Personalised Employment Support

This service provides one to one support for all JCP customers who wish to be in work within 12 months.

Offering coaching, training, supporting new skills and confidence, applying for and keeping appropriate jobs.

You can be referred through a JCP Work Coach or self-refer.

24 Stonehouse Street

Shekinah's training centre in Plymouth offers a range of flexible and personalised programmes, which are designed to help people to move forward at their own pace, from wherever they are.

"If we can't help, we know someone who can" through our links to partnership organisations such as the Complex Needs Alliance, Shelter, Make Amends, Probation, VLearning Net, Soup Run Plus and 12 Step Fellowships.

Routes back in employment and Community

Landworks is an independent charity providing a supported route back into employment and community for those in prison or at risk of going to prison based at Dartington Hall Estate, Devon.


Unlock is an independent award-winning national charity that provides a voice and support for people who are facing stigma and obstacles because of their criminal record, often long after they have served their sentence.

Project Nova

Supporting veterans who have been arrested or are at risk of arrest. Operating in five areas of the UK including Devon and Cornwall.

Social Justice

Positively changing lives, strengthening communities and preventing crime.

Community Advice and Support Services

An independent charity working alongside the courts in Devon and Cornwall to support both offenders and victims.

Be Onsite

Be Onsite support people who may have a disability, or a criminal record or any other circumstance which provides a barrier to employment into the construction sector.