Welcome to #TeamLaunchpad, Morven

It's International Women's Day and as such we are delighted to be introducing you to our woman of the moment, Morven, who has recently joined #TeamLaunchpad as our Construction Coordinator. Morven will play a key role in the delivery of Building Plymouth, the award-winning Council led skills partnership for the construction and built environment sector - www.buildingplymouth.co.uk

As Construction Coordinator, Morven manages employment and skills plans, school engagement and is involved in the many exciting events that Building Plymouth delivers. Passionate about trying to make a difference to the people of Plymouth, Morven is very much a people person and loves working with businesses, schools and organisations to support and promote training, skills and opportunities that are available in the local construction industry.

Originally from Scotland, Morven considers herself to be a naturalised Plymothian having lived here for more than 20 years! Morven has 15 years of experience working in training and Apprenticeships including a seven-year period where she worked in further education as a Business Development Coordinator in an Apprenticeship team.

If you'd like to join our growing team, we are also recruiting for a second Construction Coordinator to support both businesses and local people to join the biggest capital construction programme for 25 years. Click here for the job description.

To meet Morven and discuss opportunities in construction and built environment, please do drop into the Building Plymouth Job Shop on a Tuesday between 12-2pm in Barclays in the city centre.