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Get Started with Coaching and Personal Training

The Prince's Trust have a fantastic opportunity to “Get Started with Coaching and Personal Training.” They are offering a programme for people aged between 16-30, who are not in employment or training, and are feeling ready to expand their knowledge in the world of fitness and coaching.

The Prince's Trust are a charity that work with 11 to 30 year olds, helping them find the confidence they need to try free courses and start careers. To date, they have helped over one million young people, and they continue to do so!

They can help with confidence building, gaining new skills, finding employment and starting your own business.

This amazing charity is now offering the chance to take part in this FREE Get Started with Coaching and Personal Training Programme. During this learning experience, you will be able to:

· Learn key coaching and training skills

· Boost your communication and team leading skills

· Attend nutrition, fitness and first aid workshops

· Multi sports activities

When: 21-25 August

Where: Home Park, Plymouth

What are you waiting for? This is a great opportunity. You can also expect FREE lunch and travel, and tickets to a Plymouth Argyle FC home game!

To find out more, please call Mark on 07786381623, or email


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