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Gain work experience 

Build your CV with work experience

If you’ve held the same job for a number of years or perhaps want to change career paths you may feel you don’t have all the skills a new employer or a new role requires. It may even stop you applying for something you know that you could do really well in. Work experience is a great way to build up your skills, enhance your CV and show employers you’ve got what they need from transferable skills to job-relevant skills. You can also test out a career to see if you like it before you fully invest in up-skilling or retraining. Impress potential employers with the skills you’ll gain from committing to work placements, internships and volunteering. 

Finding work experience as an adult is largely to do with who you know, as well as who you know knows! As long as you are prepared to work hard and be professional, there is no reason why you should be embarrassed to request work experience as an adult, as long as you’re prepare to do it for free.

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