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Help beyond Plymouth with Lifepilot

We like to think that our digital resource banks for 16 to 24-year-olds (click here for the Youth Hub) and those aged 25+ (click here for the Adult Hub) have the opportunities to access skills, training, education, careers and jobs in and around Plymouth covered, but what if you’re aged 19+ and looking to expand your work and learning search outside of the Plymouth area? There’s a website for that! Introducing Lifepilot.

Lifepilot is a FREE one-stop careers information and advice website for adults to get started with, or progress in learning, work and/or training. Wherever you are starting from, Lifepilot has everything in one place to help you decide what to do next. Funded by universities in the South and South West of England, the online resource is managed by professional careers advisers providing accurate and impartial information to support decision-making at all levels.

Interested? For more information click on the link to watch a short video, finding your way round Lifepilot or contact


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