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Get to know your pension

Lately, a lot of our Adult Hub members, have been talking to us about pensions and seeking support. Helpfully, the Jobcentre's Over 50s Lead for the region shared some excellent online resources with us, and we wanted to share them far and wide!

Six great links for getting to know your pension:

  1. Start planning your retirement income with a step by step process at You are able to check when you can retire, find out how much pension you would get, understand how to increase your pension and check what other financial support you could get. This should all help you to decide WHEN to retire.

  2. Find out about State Pension eligibility and how to claim your pension at

  3. Find out what is the earliest age you can start receiving your State Pension from at

  4. Find out how much State Pension you could get, when you can get it and how you can increase it, if you can -

  5. How much do you need in retirement and how much are you going to have? Those are the questions our pension calculator will help you answer here -

  6. The team at Citizens Advice can help you to deal with any debt problems and support you to get your finances in shape. Get started here -


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