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Skills Bootcamps with On Course South West

The team at On Course South West are working with employers across Plymouth to design and deliver high quality, free of charge training to self-employed, employed and unemployed adults to meet skills needs and job vacancies in the city.

Skills Bootcamps are intensive nine-week skills accelerator courses that will enable adults to build up specific sector skills and fast track to an interview with a local employer.

On Course South West Bootcamps focus on content related to Digital and Green careers. Bootcamps include:

  • Digital Cloud - covering topics such as cloud models, cloud architecture, migration and deployment, governance and compliance, and cloud management strategy.

  • Digital Data - covering digital data management, data collection and storage, data analysis and visualisation, data governance and compliance, and data management strategy and implementation.

  • Digital Marketing - covering target audience identification, keyword research, content optimisation, ad copy creation, social media strategy development, email campaign building, and data analysis for making informed marketing decisions.

  • Digital Productivity - covering topics such as an introduction to digital productivity, time management and planning, digital communication and collaboration, information management and organisation, and automation and optimisation.

  • Digital Support - covering the role and responsibilities of a digital support technician, troubleshooting and problem-solving, operating systems and software, network and security, professionalism, and career development.

  • Green Construction and Buildings - looking at green building design, energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor environmental quality, and sustainable construction strategies.

  • Green Protection and Natural Resources - exploring nature recovery, ecological restoration and management, sustainable land use and agriculture, community engagement and education, and green protection strategies and implementation.

What can you expect from a Skills Bootcamp?

  • Varied learning and teaching including classroom discussion and practical investigation.

  • Some self-study (outside of the taught sessions) along with masterclasses from industry professionals.

  • The chance to meet new people and grow your network - networking boosts contacts, more contacts boosts future employment opportunities!

  • Coaching support to make sure you are ready to apply for that next opportunity, including updating your CV to reflect what you have developed during the bootcamp. 

  • All participants will take part in an interview with a local employer.

  • You will create a portfolio of work during the bootcamp which will help you develop key communication skills.

  • You will be assessed in a variety of ways including your portfolio and contribution to class discussion.


  • You need to be aged 19+

  • You must be eligible to live and work in England

  • You need to live in Plymouth (including Travel to Work Area) / Devon

  • You should be looking for work or wanting to progress in your current role

  • Would you benefit from updating or building your skills?

Interested? Contact the On Course South West Learner Services Team on 01752 660713 or email


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