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Considering a career in the military?

Land, sea and sky - have you been considering a career in the Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force?

On Tuesday 14 June from 10am-2pm, we are hosting a Youth Hub Military Tuesday take-over and will be joined by some special guests:

Between 10am-12pm, Steve from MPCT will be at Skills Launchpad Plymouth will be with us to chat about the Military Preparation College which provides military-focused training for 16-19-year-olds. The courses are focused on developing fitness, vocational qualifications, and employability skills to help prepare for employment, including rewarding careers in the British Armed Forces.

From 12-2pm, we are lucky to be joined by Lieutenant Jamen Smith RN, Commanding Officer of Devon University Royal Naval Unit, who will be available to share his story, and the opportunities the armed forces can provide and also the different pathways available to young people.

This day is not to be missed and is perfect for those considering their options.

If you'd like more general advice on skills, training, education, careers and jobs you are still welcome to drop in on Tuesday to meet with the Skills Launchpad Coordinators who will be joined by Craig from Groundworks and can help with free 1:1 mentoring and skills building and Suzanne from CSW for careers advice.

If you have any questions, simply e-mail, or click here to sign up as a member.


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