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Advice on end of furlough and facing redundancy

Are you no longer on furlough and facing redundancy?  What to do next...


Many people in our city are now facing employment challenges and uncertainty. No longer being on furlough is an unknown situation for most and worrying about job security can be confusing enough without the added complications of Covid-19.


Now that furlough has ended, it is important to find out what your rights are. Knowing your rights can help you to solve problems more quickly and smoothly, enabling you to concentrate on getting back into employment again.


This may be a good time to re-evaluate your work life and learn new skills to enable a career change.

Find advice and guidance here:

Speak to a careers advisor​

Call the National Careers Service on 0800 100 900 for help to identify skills that could be useful in a range of different roles.

Support from Jobcentre Plus

Jobcentre Plus is the part of the Department for Work and Pensions which delivers working-age support services.

If you are affected by the impact of Covid-19, find out more about the employment and benefits support available:

You can contact Jobcentre Plus about new benefit claims and existing benefit claims:

You do not need to attend the jobcentre unless asked to do so. Plymouth’s jobcentres are open in line with government social distancing guidance and require visitors to wear a face covering to comply with the latest safety advice to protect you and the community:

  • Plymouth Old Tree Court Jobcentre Plus, 64 Exeter Street, Plymouth PL4 0AJ
  • Devonport Jobcentre, Queens House, St Levan Road, Plymouth PL2 3BD
  • Unit 1 Charles Cross Roundabout, Bretonside, Plymouth PL4 0BA

For apprentices

Your employer may have no work for you to do because of Covid-19. This can result in you taking temporary leave. This is known as being ‘on furlough’.

You can carry on with your apprenticeship training if your employer puts you on furlough. Both your training provider and employer must agree that you can continue your off-the-job training from home. Find out more here.

If you are an apprentice who is facing redundancy or lost your apprenticeship due to the impact of Covid-19. Find out more here.

You can seek support through the Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices for free advice and help in finding new opportunities. Find out more here.

You can search for and find apprenticeship vacancies here

If you are a construction apprentice you are encouraged to sign up for the Construction Talent Retention Scheme which will aim to match you with new opportunities. Find out more here

For those who have lost their job

Losing your job can affect many parts of your life and make you feel anxious about the future. Advice including redundancy information, managing your money, skills and finding a job can be found here

Being made redundant: finding work, claiming benefits and managing debts - GOV.UK (

Understanding redudancy: What is redundancy and what are my rights? - BBC News

Citizens Advice also offers information about furlough, pay, self-employment, caring for someone else and leaving a job. Find out more here

Government redundancy information is available here

If you are a construction worker you are encouraged to sign up for the Construction Talent Retention Scheme which will aim to match you with vacancies. Find out more here

If you have been made redundant within the last three months, the Serco Skills Support for Redundancy programme provides funded training courses and advice to get you ready for your next job role. This could include retraining for a different career or progression training to help you take the next step on your existing career path. A dedicated Partnership Coordinator will work with you to identify the best sources of support and training to help you achieve your career goals and get back to work.

If you are a Hospitality, Leisure or Tourism worker recently made redundant from the industry sign up for employability support, specialist CIAG, well-being and mental health, job search, industry news:

Find out more about Careerscope

Useful links to support you to take your next positive steps towards employment with Skills Launchpad Plymouth

Make sure you feel ready to get back out there – check out the support available if you are feeling anxious, confused, lost or overwhelmed. Make an informed choice locally. Find out about Plymouth’s current employment picture and learn about our industry sectors offering careers and new job opportunities now and in the future. Get your own free impartial 1-1 Careers and Skills Plan with National Careers Service Where to find jobs in Plymouth Consider earning while you learn through an apprenticeship Develop yourself through further study and training opportunities