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Youth Cooperative Action

Are there social issues that you really care about? Is there something about where you live in Plymouth that you would love to change or do differently? If this is the case, then Youth Cooperative Action is for you!

Youth Cooperative Action is a programme based in Plymouth that will explore real social issues and the solutions to tackling them, through youth activism. Working cooperatively, we will discuss, and develop different ways we can create awareness, build activity, and design a response to an issue you collectively care about, where you live.

Run by The Co-operative College in partnership with Real Ideas Organisation and funded by the Co-op Foundation, the weekly sessions will take you through an introduction to social action, socially motivated business and Cooperatives, with the opportunity to meet and hear from inspiring local social entrepreneurs and activists doing this work.

What: 13-week course for 16–20-year-olds

Where: One of the Real Ideas Plymouth-based buildings

When: In person, Wednesdays from 4.30 – 6.30pm, starting Wednesday 15th September

How much: FREE

How many: 15 people

What else: Alongside the programme there may be a range of other activities you could engage in including events; enterprise placements; Social Enterprise/youth networks and more

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