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Veterans - Join Wellness Through Nature at Dartmoor Zoo.

Wellness through nature is a programme that is run by veterans, for veterans, in the gorgeous surroundings of Dartmoor Zoo.

This programme is a chance to escape into nature, having fun, whilst learning new skills and getting to meet new people, in a totally unique setting!

Spending time outdoors with nature has some great health benefits, particularly for mental health, helping to reduce anxiety and depression.

The programme covers some great topics, including gardening and maintenance, animal enrichment, creativity in nature, and learning and development.

The zoo is built across 33 acres, filled with beautiful plants, tress, and of course stunning wildlife, so is the perfect setting to lose yourself in nature!

This amazing programme is flexible to suit you. You will attend one day a week, on a day that suits you. Aswell as learning new skills and helping with wildlife conservation, you will receive a FREE lunch voucher, worth up to £5. On completion of 12 weeks, you will also receive a FREE 12 month zoo entry pass.

To book your place, or find out more about this great opportunity, please call 01752 837645, or email

For further information about Dartmoor Zoo itself, please click here


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