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Supporting a young person with SEND?

If you are a parent or carer of a young person under the age of 25 with special educational needs or a disability (SEND), have you heard of PIAS - Plymouth Information Advice and Support for SEND?

This local organisation provides information, advice and support to people just like you, who are living in the Plymouth Local Authority area. Click here for their website.

PIAS can support help with getting the right kind of:

  • support at school, college or training

  • health services

  • care and support.

Included within this support, PIAS can also help with producing Education Healthcare (EHC) plans. An EHC plan will be tailored to meet your particular needs so each young person’s plan will look different and be tailored to include specific information about the individual - how they like to communicate, what support they need and what they would like to achieve.

If you think you would benefit from this free service, please do visit the website, or alternatively contact our Youth Hub Coordinator Rhianne, by emailing or signing up as a member here. and she will be happy to refer you.


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