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Spring 2023 courses with Shekinah

Here is a list of courses available with Shekinah over the next few months:

CSCS – Health & Safety Awareness in a Construction Environment

Every person wishing to work on a construction site needs to have their site-safety CSCS card. This now comes in two parts; an online test at Pearson Professional Centre, Princess Court in Plymouth, and the Health & Safety Awareness Module. Shekinah is offering the module as well as preparation towards the on-line test. The Fee is: £100 plus VAT for the complete course including card; please discuss with Shekinah staff.

Courses will be run throughout the new academic year. Dates available on request.


Personal development programme for those wanting to look at their self-belief, confidence, mental wellbeing as well as explore the roots of behaviours. A chance to begin resolving past issues and make plans for the future in a safe and informal environment. Run by fully trained counsellors. OCN London L1 accredited qualification. Mondays for 6 weeks.

This course will run every six weeks throughout the year.


An opportunity to look at the way you handle stress and anger, explore your relationships and understand anxiety and depression. A chance to improve your daily resilience through increasing your self-awareness and ‘re-wiring’ your brain. OCN London L1 accredited qualification.

Tuesdays for 6 weeks, and every six weeks throughout the Academic year.

Mentoring & Coaching – Level 1 & Level 2

Ideal for anyone wanting to move into working with people. Explore more about the way you tick, professional boundaries, limitations, responsibilities, solution focused and motivational coaching. The level 2 expands more into person centred solution focused tools. OCN London L1 and L2 accredited qualifications.

Wednesdays / Thursdays for 6 weeks. Courses throughout the year.

English and Maths - Re:Skill

Do you struggle with your reading, writing and arithmetic? Want some help to know where to start your learning? Improve your basic skills that will help in all aspects of your life. Any ability, from Entry 1 to Level 2.

Initial sessions on Fridays for 2 weeks and then individual programmes planned.

IT Essential Digital Skills course - Re:Compute

Don’t feel ‘left behind’! Get to know the basics or improve your skills using mobile phones and computers; come along! OCN London E3/L1 Award in Essential Digital Skills.

Re:Focus Employability

Do you want to have some support to get back to work, start volunteering or just brush up your CV and interview skills? Please get in touch on 01752 203480. Open to everyone!

Thursdays for 6 weeks. OCN London E3 Award in Entry to Employment.

Mental Health Awareness

Do you want to learn how to effectively manage your mental health, or be able to help someone with theirs? This workshop will look at different issues surrounding mental health, how it is portrayed in the media and how it affects different people. There is an additional option of completing a Level 2 accredited award.

Dates to be confirmed.

Let’s Talk About Sex!

Learn about sexual health, the law, consent, sex in a digital world and relationships. Inclusive, informative and frank.

One day monthly workshop, contact us for details.


A safe and friendly place to learn to use hand tools and create a sustainable project. Tuesdays at Salvation Army - contact us for details. OCN London L1 Award in Skills for Professions in Construction and Engineering.

RESULT! @ Bath St - weekly drop-in

A safe and friendly place to find out about jobs, courses, and benefits. Help is given with planning long and short-term goals. CVs, letters, job search & applications, health & safety certs, training, signing up to our courses, voluntary/ work placements and general advice. Every Friday 12.30pm – 3.30pm.


If you would like to volunteer for Shekinah please contact Reception at Bath Street, phone (01752) 203480 or download a form from

To find out more, or discuss anything in more detail, please contact 01752 203480, or email

To learn more about Shekinah, please click here


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