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Net Zero ♻ Retro Fit Skills Bootcamp

Net Zero - Retro Fit Skills Bootcamp 💚♻️

This is your chance to become a semi-skilled operative learning practical skills to assist businesses across the UK with their pledge to provide clean energy & green technology. ♻️

💚♻️ Course dates: 31st Jan - 28th March 22

💚♻️ Guaranteed interview for employment post-training.

The programme, funded through the National Skills Fund, includes different technical Skills Bootcamps that have been designed to help local people advance or pivot their skills into growing sectors resilient to the current economic downturn. The training is completely free and everyone completing the Skills Bootcamp is matched with an interview opportunity. #Train4Tomorrow encourages everyone to empower themselves with digital and technical skills that enable people to advance in (or switch to) the jobs of tomorrow.

We can help you develop green building skills! 💚♻️💚 Book your place today & start building 'our' future.

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