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LAUNCHED: Sarah's Skills Launchpad Plymouth Journey

Having spent a significant amount of time working for a local education provider, Sarah reached a crossroads in her career and felt ready for a new challenge.

After meeting with our Community Lead Coordinator, James, Sarah engaged with providers including Shekinah and Outset, to help her on her quest for something new – and has been rewarded!

Sarah has now founded and launched “Drawing Space”, a new agency here in Plymouth that provides workshops, drawing classes and events for local communities.

The Drawing Space is keen to work with anyone that is interested in learning and developing new creative skills. Sarah also played a pivotal role in the establishment of Shekinah’s Learning exchange.

Most recently, Sarah has attended our very own Skills Launched Awards and won our Skills in the Community Award for her creative work in the community, and for showing a huge amount of courage and bravery to set up her own business!

Here’s what Sarah shared:

“I feel I have achieved so much in the last year - real-life goals. None of this would have been possible without Skills Launchpad Plymouth. In particular, James, whose encouragement, belief and integrity kept me going”


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